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pStan Batcow: in brief

pStan Batcow has been working in various aspects of the arts since 1983, when he was concentrating on performance arts, specifically music. He has played in many bands and done countless public performances (also performing in a solo capacity on occasion under the moniker Howl in the Typewriter), which continue to the present day. Dandelion Adventure, one of the bands in which he played, was featured in session on John Peel's Radio One show in 1990. He has also performed in a variety of non-musical ways at various times and in various places, predominantly as a member of Spit & Polish Community Drama Team from the late 1980ís up to the turn of the millennium.

He has released many albums of his music (and that of collaborators / other like-minded folk) on his own record label Pumf Records, as well as writing and publishing many booklets of various styles and subjects through his own Stanzine Publications imprint. Further information about both of these can be found, alongside his Facts About the Number Seven archive, at (which is, essentially, an online catalogue and shop with descriptions, pictures and reviews of the albums and artistes).

He is currently working as a freelance Community Artist, leading arts sessions in schools and for community groups, youth groups, private organisations etc. He works in a wide range of subjects such as circus skills, drama, movement and music, as well as more traditional arts such as mosaic, glass painting, batik fabric painting, junk sculpture, soapstone carving, plaster moulding and sculpting, spin painting, mask making, collage and more. (But not all at the same time). His experience in community arts stretches back to 1988, when he started working for Lancashire County Council's Youth & Community Service, co-running a youth theatre as part of a team. He worked for Lancashire County Council (and then Blackpool Borough Council, when Blackpool became a unitary authority) as a contracted part-time worker in many youth clubs throughout Lancashire between 1988 and 2008, when he resigned from the service because funding was stopped for The SCOT Group (a club for people with special needs, with which he had been involved for some ten years). The staff team of that project all felt similarly incensed about Lancashire County Council's withdrawal of the funding, and - knowing the importance of the group to its members - set themselves up independently so that it could continue, but as a voluntary community group. Please visit for more information. He has been involved with several independent community arts groups whose work is still on display in public buildings, most recently The SuppArt Group who still meet regularly. You can find out more at

He is the musical director of Poco Loco, the Blackpool School of Samba, an open-access Brazilian percussion band that rehearses weekly and regularly performs throughout the North-West of England - a project that he has been running continuously since 2000. For more information visit He is also one of the team running Tidal Beats (African drumming and drum circles) - see to find out more.


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